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Unemployment rally
PUP rallies in Washington DC to oppose cutoff of
extended benefits in December 2003


Updated Information

Updated Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Information

To apply online for Unemployment Compensation, click here.

Through the Unemployment Compensation Project, a program sponsored by law students at the University of Pennsylvania, individuals denied unemployment compensation can get help with their appeals. The students discuss and prepare their cases, and represent them at their referee hearings. For more information on any of these programs or others, please send e-mail to PUP at jdoddspup@aol.com or call the office at (215) 557 - 0822.

For information on the PA Unemployment Compensation Program, click here to get information contained in PUP's Unemployment Guide for the unemployed.


Jobs club
Jobless workers take part in PUP's Jobs Club
112 North Broad Street, 11th Floor, Philadelphia

Jobs Club

The Jobs Club is a program that provides a source of career information and job placement services for the people of Philadelphia and the surrounding area. The club meets every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 12:pm at the PUP offices.

It serves as an orientation tool and support group for full time and part time job seekers. We offer job leads and advice on job search techniques, interviewing skills and career options. Our Job Developer will work with you to produce an effective resume.

We have a 10 station computer lab to work on cover letters, resumes, and go on the inter net to search for jobs, which are available all week long. We have phones to call employers and a free fax machine to fax resumes for jobs.

Feel free to take advantage of our Jobs Club and the PUP offices to help you in your job search.


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