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Having trouble getting through to unemployment?

One week before Christmas, over 500 state workers were laid off by the Department of Labor & Industry. Since then, unemployed workers trying to get information about their benefits have faced busy signals, as well as days, hours and weeks of waiting to get through on the phone. Advocates for the unemployed have been working to find solutions for claimants who need answers.


Click here to learn some ways you can try to get information about your claim.


Groups such as the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and Philadelphia Legal Assistance have also be collecting information on the problems that claimants are having so that we can push the state to fix the problem. Click here to submit a complaint and help us keep track of peoples' issues.


Unemployed meeting to fix the phone lines

On top of collecting information, we'll also be meeting next week to figure out what we can do to fix the problem. If you are unemployed and want to help, please join us:

Wednesday, January 18th at 2pm
Philadelphia Unemployment Project

112 N Broad St, 11th Floor

Unemployed workers protesting at CareerLink in 2012 after layoffs led to tied up phone lines.

Jobs Club Spotlight

PUP volunteers have been pounding the pavement, talking to people all over Philadelphia and passing out information on our services. Their hard work has been paying off, as we've seen a big surge in activity at recent Jobs Club meetings. With the holiday job boost over, unemployed workers are continuing to look for good jobs, and Jobs Club participants have been working on new tactics for the job hunt in 2017.

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