Americans in Struggle Film Series

Thursday Nights at 6 PM

Refreshments starting at 5:30

Films on the Struggle for the Soul of America

Brief Discussions Follow

Community College of Philadelphia

Winnet Student Life Building Room S2-3

17th Street below Spring Garden

 Pedro Albizu Campos, leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement.

Series Schedule

September 8- Organizing in the Great Depression, The Bonus Army, Southern Tenant Organizing Committee, Steelworkers Organizing Committee- Workers winning and losing in great struggles during the 1930s.

September 22- I Am Boricua, Just So you Know- The History of Puerto Rico with Rosy Perez, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

October 6- 41st and Central, the Untold Story of the LA Black Panthers- The growth and repression of the Black Panther Party in California and America.

October 20- The Koch Brothers Exposed-How the billionaire brothers are trying to buy elections and fight progressive change in America

November 3- Fruitvale Station- Excellent Hollywood film on the real life story of a police killing of a black man- Black Lives Matter!

Sponsored by the Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Philadelphia AFL-CIO, SAG-AFTRA, APM, PhilaPOSH, AFSCME DC 47, Neighborhood Networks, Coalition of Labor Union Women. For more information call 215-557-0822.


Jobs Club Spotlight

Meet Robert (top) & Travis (bottom), who were both recently hired at new jobs by working with PUP staff and volunteers. They're both extremely happy to be back to work. Robert is pictured with Nadina Patterson, a PUP volunteer and board member who has been assisting jobs club members connect to employers.


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